Super Color Sic Bo Rules & Tips


Sic Bo games have developed so rapidly in the global gambling game field. The game was originally just a traditional game, Chinatown is used in various countries, and here are some of the necessary ways to win super color treasures you must know. However, the high interest in gaming treasures around the world has made the game available online. Anyone with an online casino account has the opportunity to play Sic Bo in a place where only Internet connected devices are used.

That's why Sic Bo becomes one of the games on the w88 that are so reliable to attract more users. They also realized that gamblers must always be looking for the experience of the game. Some casinos offer Sic Bo games in a new variety called Super Color Sic Bo. The game offers new challenges that allow players to enjoy a higher level of advantage.

The necessary way to win Super Color Sic Bo 

There are so many online casinos offering this game as a new option for fans of the game Sic Bo. Super Color Sic Bo uses 12 side dice, numbered 1 to 12, with red, green and blue. This is the background for the name "Super Color" included in the game. Many w88 players are considered to win the Super Color Sic Bo game in the usual way they apply to the game. Infat, you need the following important ways to get more profit from the game Super Color Sic Bo.

Learn the rules of the game

The number of dice that reached 12 faces made the Super Color Sic Bo game even more challenging. After all, the game Sic Bo uses only the traditional 6-faced dice, so it has a more predictable number of winning numbers than ever before. Still, you will benefit from the rules of the game similar to the Sic Bo game. The only difference is the type of bet available and the bonus given to the player.The dealer will throw three 12-faced dice to determine the outcome of the bet. If the bet results, then the player will earn a profit based on the given bonus. The less likely a certain type of bet is, the higher the payout given. If you bet three bets, you can even get up to hundreds of bets, or three dice showing the same amount based on the bet you bet.

Bet in a bold way

You can only target bets with lower risk. For example, a bet type containing multiple numbers or colors is used in w88. However, the Super Color Sic Bo game is designed to give you high payouts every time. That's why you have to bet on a bet with a relatively high bet.

If you want a high bonus, but the risk is still under control, you should bet on 3 colors, 3 different colors or 2 specific colors. The potential of the bet type is enough to win. If you dare, you should bet on Double or Triple. The type of bet is really low. Despite this, the expenditures offered are very attractive and far higher than most types of bets.

Play some different scenes 

Don't do it all at once, you should make some plans for the betting game Super Color Sic Bo. Here is the necessary way to win the Super Color Sic Bo, you must know. The game happens in dynamics and in many things that can happen. The various scenarios of the game can help you flexibly track changes in the situation and maintain the consistency of the game.