Sic Bo Tricks & Strategy

Seven tips for SIC BO players


Suibao Tips

Sui Bao, meaning scorpion, is an ancient Chinese gambling game. It is very popular in Macau, and in the United States, it often appears in casinos in Atlantic City. The game uses three dice, which have a completely different table layout. Sui Bao is based on luck, and many experienced players have different new player tips. Some include judicious selection of numbers, while others are more relevant to managing funds. Read on to learn about some of the Suibao strategy tips that can help you win the game.

1. Betting small or big. 


The best bet you can make in Sic Bo is betting big or small. In other words, you bet the total score of the dice is 4 to 10 and 11 to 17, respectively. These types of bets pay 1:1 and they have the smallest house edge (only 2.76%).

2. Use combination betting

In the improved Microgaming version of Sic Bo, you can place bets on any two specific numbers or combination bets. This bet also has a low or 2.77%, and the odds for this bet are 6:1. In other words, you can expect to win every seven bets.

3. Change in odds for a specific total

If you look closely at Sic Bo's payment form, you will quickly notice that the odds for certain amounts vary greatly from the edge of their house. For example, a total bet from 7 to 14 offers a 12:1 bet and has a fairly low house edge (9.7%) compared to other specified amounts. On the other hand, a total of 8 to 13 or 10 to 11 bets have a 12.5% ​​advantage. Other sums have a fairly high house edge. The strategy hint here is the total number of bets 7 to 14.

4. Avoid betting triples

If you bet on three and win, it rarely happens, which means that you have correctly predicted the only number that appears on all three dice. The value of the triple bet is 180:1, but this is the most risky bet. Therefore, the more experienced Sic Bo players completely avoid the triples or use them as extra bets. You should never use a triple bet as your main bet, because the bet will lose your money most of the time.

5. Don't be stupid bet

You should always avoid stupid bets placing a huge house edge. For example, if you bet 5 to 16 in total, the chance of being hit is 6 of 216. According to the standard payment form, the bet pays 30:1, but its high house advantage is 13.9%. Some bets have a higher house advantage and are rarely hit. Bet on such bets is the same as handing over funds to the casino.

6. The betting system does not work

Sic Bo has no betting system that can work 100% and reduce the edge of the house. In the long run, the casino will definitely win, and no system can take risks. The Sic Bo betting system cannot guarantee profit. After all, the game is based on luck, so the best betting system might be your instinct. 

7. Believe in luck

Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese gambling game. Due to the limited Chinese spoken language, the pronunciation of some characters is similar. Therefore, this leads to some numbers associated with good luck, while others are associated with bad things. For example, the pronunciation of the number 9 sounds like the word lasting. On the other hand, the pronunciation of the number 4 indicates death. So, don't be surprised if you see some Suibao gamblers from China don't bet on the number four.

8. Best long-term treasure strategy

In the long run, the best way is to choose the lowest betting option on the edge of the house. Although these may not have the highest returns in the long run, they will keep the casino low. The best bet is big or small, both with 2.78% of the house edge. If odd/even bets are available, they also have a 2.78% advantage.

9. High risk strategy

If you plan to play only a small number of games, you may want to be completely opposite to the betting strategy above. Betting on getting the most out of the game, I hope to get a big win. In this case, the highest win is for a specific triple bet. The edge of a particular triple bet depends on the winning return. This can range from 30.09% (pay 150 to 1) to 16.20% (pay 180 to 1) depending on where you are playing.

10. Notes on probability

A common mistake many gamblers make is to read too much. For example, in theory, they bet a lot of results on the last five craps because there are already five Bigs and Small must be the next. This is not the case and many strategies are based on this. Each volume has nothing to do with the last volume. Therefore, although you may get the same result, it does not mean that the result must change the next volume. Each volume is independent and has the same chance of happening.