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E-sports betting - a complete overview is the best online resource for professional and amateur e-sports gamblers. We introduced different betting sites, e-sports games and general sports betting concepts, terminology and strategies. In addition, we also provide resources (game-specific guides and tools) to take your e-sports to the next level and help you achieve better results.

Where can I play e-sports betting?

There are several different bookmakers/gambling companies/gaming sites that accept bets on e-sports games. Their service offers, odds pricing and bonus offers are very different. To better understand the active companies in the scene, you should read each specific website in our comments.

Comments are based on e-sports reports, website security (in terms of company size and age and reputation), bonus offers and odds (based on the return on investment provided / the margin charged per bet, please see our odds - explation).

Pure e-sports betting website

The e-sports boom opened the door for new entrepreneurs and created their own gaming company, focusing on e-sports. Many people are emerging every day. They may be a little safer than well-known bookmakers, but they are usually funded by venture capital firms to provide you with secure customers.

Their product offerings are usually stronger because they offer all e-sports betting and have great tournament and tournament coverage. Some of the best eSports nisched betting sites are Betspawn, Arcanebet and GG.Bet.

Large gambling company with e-sports

The well-known sports betting also notes the strong interest in e-sports betting as well as the high number of viewers on convulsions and other streaming websites. Some of them have invested a lot of energy in providing quality services to e-sports enthusiasts and have accepted many e-sports bets. Three well-known, well-known and experienced bookmakers stand out in accepting e-sports betting.

Betway eSports

The first thing I noticed was the Betway eSports. They offer quality service and accept many different game bets covering most competitions and events. From Counter-Strike: Global Offense to Everything Players Unknown Battle Earth (PUBG). In addition to covering many competitions, they also offer live betting products.

They are also committed to giving back to their recent community of sponsoring Swedish multi-branch e-sports organization Ninjas in pajamas (most notably their traditional CS 1.6 team and famous players such as Heaton, Potti, etc.).


10Bet is a large gaming company with numerous sports markets as well as casino and poker products. They entered the e-sports market a few years ago. Although they don't have a wide range of coverage in eSports games, they still have great eSports/Event coverage and they accept bets. Read our full 10bet eSports review.


Bet365 eSports is another giant in the industry that adapts to e-sports scenes. They are competitive in odds (they have a margin of about 2-3%, very good, above industry standards).

What games can I bet?

Games that run as e-sports are growing every day. As long as there are gamers and enthusiasts playing the game and watching the game, it is possible to place a bet. The small champions did not receive the same event coverage, but still have the titles of the Rocket League (RL), Street Fighter and FIFA.


CS:GO gambling

CS 1.6 has been developed as an e-sport for many years, and the latest version has a huge player base and community CS-GO. There are many tournaments, and the game of CS-GO, such as DreamHack and MLG Tour, is more interesting than ever. Learn more at our CS:GO betting site.

Dota 2 betting

Dota 2 is the Valves Golden Goose and a wonderful game. The new main structure eliminates some of the great international attention and attempts to distribute more in a series of major competitions, and many small games using the new point system are very good for both the audience and professional punters. Read more at our Dota 2 betting site.

Betting League of Legends

When controlling their franchise, Riot Games took a different path from Valve. RG wants to control most of the scenarios and the team itself, rather than letting entrepreneurs start their own careers and events.

It's hard to say whether it affects LoL's betting popularity, but it may make a difference. In any case, almost all betting sites accept LoL bets. Read our League of Legends betting website.

Gambling at Fortnite

Soon after, PUBG won the competition in the Royal War. The design of Fortnites may be more like cartoons, but the architectural mechanics of the game create a great e-sports environment and there is definitely a chance to bet on Fortnite.

PUBG betting

PUBG is a great complement to the first-person shooter e-sports scene. For many years, because Quake fell out of favor a few years ago, Counter-Strike became the only serious e-sports of its kind. The player community has exploded and there are now several big tournaments that can bet. Learn more on our PUBG betting website.

Betting watch pioneer

Blizzard's success has ensured its position as one of the strong e-sports publishers, and its FPS championship is great. When the SC II lost its audience, we were worried that their days in the e-sports world were limited. Overwatch betting is now one of the fastest growing games, and now the new Overwatch League (OWL) franchise system can be used to gain even greater potential.

E-sports bonus

Bonus offers vary not only between different betting sites, but also for players from different regions. Our review and bonus list is optimized to show you the offers in your country.

Deposit bonus

If you are a new customer, bookmakers usually have a deposit bonus. By registering your account with the on the Gaming website and depositing funds, you will receive the best deposit bonus the company has for your area.

VIP / loyalty bonus

Some gambling sites also offer loyalty programs or “regular bonuses” that you can claim to be active customers. These bonuses are usually limited by some of your requirements as a customer.

Turnover requirement

These bonuses are not completely free, but are usually limited by some of your requirements as a client/player. One of the most common requirements is the turnover requirement, which basically means that you must use the bonus amount multiple times (by betting on an eSports competition or other games such as regular sports, casino or poker). If you have completed this many times, the bonus will become real money and can be redeemed to your account through your preferred withdrawal option.

Different types of bets

Real money bet

Traditional betting methods. Deposit real money and cash for real money. Usually bet by betting 12 / 1x2 or straight (win). With real money, we also calculate cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Lite. If you want to bet with coins, you should check out our Nitros Sports Review, which is the best in the industry.

Skin betting

Skin betting is increasingly popular with skin betting companies such as CSGO Lounge, CS-GO Jackpot and other skin betting sites. One cool thing about skin gambling is the CS:GO slot machine game. However, because they are not well regulated, there are many disputes and scandals on these sites. So if you want to play slot machines online, you'd better stick to the real thing.

Recently, a new form of skin betting option has entered the betting community. It's called SkinPay, which allows you to deposit your skin as a customer into your player account instead of real money. In fact, the robot converts the skin into real money (if you accept the deal it makes).

Fantasy competition

Fantasy games have similarities to poker tournaments. You will need to pay the entry fee to join the competition with a specific bonus plan to get the total prize pool. This type of bet enters the US market to bypass the extremely strict gambling rules that apply to the United States and its territories. It started with Alphadraft (part of FanDuel), Vulcun and DraftKings, but most of the services were closed early. DraftKings are still there and running, but they only have fantasy to bet on LoL.

Odds - Quick Walkthrough

Odds are the price you get by placing money or skin on a match or event. Remember that they are prices, not actual probabilities. Usually, the odds are high and the probability is reflected in an accurate way. If not, then there is a chance to find value and win a bet.

The odds format varies by region. You can read more about the different formats below:

Decimal/European Odds

European odds are called decimal odds, which tells you what will pay off (including your own money).


Score / UK odds

The UK uses fractional odds, which looks a bit different and only shows the profit you will get through the bet.


Line/US odds

American odds are called lines and are positive or negative. The line/number indicates the profit you earned when you bet $100. Negative numbers indicate how much you must bet to earn a profit of $100.


Use our resources to improve your betting results

E-sports betting guide

We offer general betting guides for all eSports. If you want to be a professional eSports punter, you need to pay attention to the basic concepts of sports betting terminology, strategy and concepts.

In addition, we offer specific betting guides for each sport (we have not covered all the games because we are not familiar with each game at all). But if you want to improve your gambling effect, those that exist are a good read.

Betting tracker

If you want to be a professional eSports player, you should take the time to improve your betting strategy, spend a lot of time researching before betting, and track your results in Excel or our betting tracker. By doing this, you can learn from past mistakes and see where you are doing well. 

The bet tracker gives you a way to import or enter your bets and filter the parts into groups. You can then view statistics such as Profit, Return on Investment (ROI) and Standard Deviation to statistically view the importance of your bet history.

Margin / Payment Calculator

It is important to check the profit collected by the bookmakers in competitions or sports events. Margin is the cost of the gaming company charging you for the service. Suppose they are odds at 1.95 and 1.95 in a heads-up match (two players or teams face each other without a draw). If they pay all the money, they will pay 2.0 and 2.0, but they never do it because they are a company that has the cost and expects to make money).

1.95 vs. 1.95, the gaming company's profit margin is 2.56% (low), and the spending per 100 US dollars is $97,44. E-sports industry standards are less likely, meaning companies typically exceed 3%.

To calculate the margin or expense charged or offered by the betting website, please use our odds calculator. It also applies to 1X2 matches and direct matches (a team wins 8 teams, etc.).

Odds translation

Different betting sites use different odds formats. They usually provide a feature that lets you choose the format you want as a standard, but sometimes they don't have this service. In these cases, you can use our odds translator, which converts odds in three formats: European decimal odds, American odds lines, and UK fractional odds.

Odds comparison

When placing a professional bet, it is important to place a bet with a different betting site so that you can get the best odds for the competition you are studying. You can do this using the eSports odds comparison service. We are developing and will have a lot of nice features, so be sure to sign up to get your attention when you're done.

Real-time betting is now available for many different eSports!

Over the years, live betting on e-sports has been the dream of many fans. But three years ago, dreams were no longer dreams, but reality. Many eSports betting companies and large gambling sites have CS:GO live betting, Dota live betting and LoL live betting.

This allows you to place a bet while watching a game in the arena (using a mobile phone) or watching a game on a desktop computer, while following the game while twitching.