Asia E-Sport Betting Tips

Esports initially found its bearings in Asia. Korea is the original launch pad for many e-sports, as well as favorite star players like BoxerS, Faker, QO and so on. In recent years, China has adopted e-sports as its main interest. Dota 2 and League of Legends are their main focus. They have two teams in the finals, CDEC and Star Horn Royal Club representing the Chinese. Although these are the main countries of e-sports, there are many smaller countries with competitions and teams, including Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia, which have influenced the world stage of different competitions in recent years.


The spread of online betting in Asia

In Asia, betting is illegal in some countries, such as Singapore, China, Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia. Other countries, such as South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and the Philippines, bet that sports are legal. Even if there are legal restrictions or prohibitions on betting across Asia, many people still gamble games. Although this is not legal, it is reported that many underground gambling circles allow you to gamble games, most notably in China and South Korea, because there are major problems in small tournaments.

With the development of e-sports, interest in e-sports betting has also increased, because the history of e-sports can be traced back to the initial period of StarCraft, whether online or through underground bookkeepers, there are multiple matches to repair Korea and Scandals in other parts of Asia. This affects most games that can be wagered, such as StarCraft, League of Legends and Dota 2.

The governing body's response is very rapid, and penalties for these actions may involve years of competitive bans and potential fines, community service and imprisonment for professionals. Although most countries in the world are lagging behind in determining the game, South Korea has established strict e-sports betting laws and regulations, which are jointly supervised by KeSPA and the police force. They jointly set up a task force to investigate serious game judgments. Allegations.

As a predecessor in the Asian region, there are many different fixed accusations in StarCraft. In 2010, they were a major court case on the fixed ring of the game. In the years that followed, there were many other game stereotypes involving AHQ Korea, Mineski and individual players from different teams. This is a major risk in the Asian region and is considered to be unstable because there are many uneasy wins in the group stage, which is no longer important for the team's status.

Asian drama style


The game of the League of Legends depends on the countries and countries in the Asian region. China's LPL is often known for its planned offensive games, which some commentators consider to be “the tower does not exist” because they have the nature of tower diving. On the other hand, South Korea's LCK is more balanced in style, because they play their own advantages as a team combination, they choose a time that is conducive to fighting, which leads to many longer games determined by one or more two key moments . Taiwan's LMS and Southeast Asia's GPL change, each team has its own style of competition, which is more strict than the LPL and LCK teams, which can bring a style victory, because experienced teams have experienced Ryukyu team. Because of their proficiency in the championship, they tried to imitate a positive early game style. These styles are heavily influenced by the coaches, as teams with Korean coaches are more Korean-like, while teams with Chinese coaches are more Chinese-style.

For China's meta-games, Dota 2 is in stark contrast to their style in the League of Legends because they are known for their slower Dota style, where the game can last for more than an hour. This can be emphasized by team battles in approximately 45 minutes and then snowballing the map to achieve key goals. There is also an emerging Korean Dota 2 scenario, with MVP as its main organization, and other organizations investigating the team after the success of MVP Phoenix this year. Fnatic's Southeast Asia Dota scene is relatively strong, MVP Phoenix and MVP Hot6ix are the strongest teams before TI5. After TI5, the SEA area is similar to the NA area because there are a lot of experiments on the team composition and list. CS:GO is not very popular in Asia compared to the MOBA type, but it quickly caught up with other regions in terms of strategy and gameplay. In the early CS:GO betting, the CS:GO lounge was the main choice, especially in the Asian region and China was called the P90 region, even if they had the money of the rifle team to buy multiple P90. Since ESL hosted the professional Asian qualifiers in Cologne, the Asian region has recently received attention from other CS-GO communities, with teams from Vietnam, South Korea, China, Australia and other Asian countries competing for two competitive opportunities in the profession. Although the two Australian teams have successfully secured the positions of the two teams, teams like Mongolz and myRevenge have shown that they are close to a team that is considered a global third-class team like Immunity.

There are many other games that are emerging from Asia, and current Storm Heroes, Hearthstone and Vain Glory are just beginning to attract some of the games in Asia's major eSports community. These games have fewer meta-games and a unique style as a region. Hearthstone lacks a unique style because it's not a mechanic-based game, but a good strategy gameplay. On the other hand, Vain Glory is still a new game, so it is still competing in a competitive way, and it is a new game. The winner of the recent Worlds Invitational is South Korea.

The Asia of eSports betting is a relatively stable area, but for betting, League of Legends is relatively predictable, while Dota and CS:GO may be very dissatisfied due to the technical proximity of each individual. Warn those who wish to bet in the area, even if appropriate research can minimize risk and do not place bets without proper research. The study included where they played, the likelihood of a VPN crash, and events such as LAN or online.