Blackjack 21 Betting Tips

Blackjack tips and tricks

Players of all games have the lowest casino advantage. So, in essence, it's the best gamer in the world (the best way to win). Of course, you must also know what you are doing (you can find a basic vocabulary here): There are many rules that are not known to many people, but there are differences between winners and losers.

Even players who make the wrong choice can only get 3% of House Edge, and those who know what they are doing (about how to play the guide - blackjack rule) about 1% of the players, and even the players can Getting the edge of the house, though not too big, won't be long. However, those hours or days may be enough to achieve the goal.

Like poker, blackjack is a skill game. If you are a new player with no experience, stick to the tips and tricks below (21 tips and tricks). When you play, the reasons behind these rules are obvious to you (playing online to win blackjack).

Play basic strategy

Gambling expert John Machel said that remembering the right shot, standing, breaking up and hands are a must. You reduce the edge of the house from 1% to 2% to 0.5%.

Easy to remember tips and tricks


The basic rule of blackjack comes down to knowing when to separate, double down, buy insurance (no) and when to be hit.

Marchell offers this primer:

When the dealer has 2-6, stand when your hand is 12-16.

When the dealer owns 7-Ace, your card is 12-16.

Always separate A and 8

Double 11 pairs of dealers 2-10

Hit or double Aces-6

Extra tip: Buy a basic strategy card at the gift shop so you don't have to remember it all.

Don't play insurance

Unless you calculate that the card does not do this stupid move, this is essentially another new bet, depending on whether the dealer has blackjack new money.

“Overall, the house has a 6% advantage over insurance betting players,” Marchel said. "Even if you have blackjack, you can only win your original bet. If the dealer has a blackjack when you do it, it is push - no win, no loss."

Check the dealer's upstream card

Check the dealer's header card before taking any action, Marchel said. Is it bad (2 to 6) or good (7 to Ace)? “The dealers are different about what the player should do.”

Don't sit on the first pedestal

Marchel suggested avoiding the first base seat in the case of a dealer rush. Sitting further will give you more time to check your hands and dealer's cards.

from childhood

If you (or a new dealer) have just arrived at the table, do not fire on all four cylinders. Start by measuring the situation, whether the dealer is "hot" or "cold", Marchel said. The casino will never stop, but you did it. “The hot and cold stripes will have a big impact on the player,” he warned.

Don't buy the myth of gamblers

The decision of other players on the table will not affect your hand. Scoblete said that you are fighting against dealers alone, they don't know what you have, and vice versa.

And boast of people who claim to be experts. “Just smile and play the right game, the basic strategy,” Scoblette said.

Don't be burned

Frank Scoblete, author of Beat Blackjack Now, says set an upper limit to determine how much you can lose without limiting how much you can win.

Score "comps" or casino freebies, not worth the monthly mortgage.

“A lot of surveys over the years have found that 75% of players in a casino will win at some point, but only 4% will be winners,” Marchell said.

If you are in a losing streak, move on.