Register & Download W88 Malaysia


How to register for a W88 account

The W88 is home to the best live casinos and sports books on the web, allowing players to access live casino games such as baccarat and roulette through live dealers. In addition, W88 offers members the opportunity to receive bonuses, discounts and other promotions when registering. The first step is to register an account with W88. Below is a three-step tutorial that potential players can use to sign up for a W88 account.

3 steps to sign up for an account with W88

Step 1: Click the "Join" button to start the registration process.

The red "Join" button is located in the upper right corner of the home page. Click to start signing up for a W88 account.


Step 2: Enter valid information to complete the registration page.W88 account.

Be sure to enter valid information when registering. Browse the terms and conditions under the "Join" button before clicking the "Join" button. Keep in mind that it is important to be familiar with the rules and regulations of the W88, especially if you need to store or remove the W88 wallet.


Step 3: Wait for your account registration confirmation. 

After successfully registering your W88 account, you will be redirected to the confirmation page. "Successfully registered" will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, which will verify all the information you entered during registration. Be sure to wait for this page to load to make sure your registration is complete.


Once you have successfully registered, you can officially deposit into your W88 account and start playing all of W88's live casino games, W88 Poker, and even your preferred team's sports betting. Maximize your gaming experience at W88 by taking the first step and signing up for an account.