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How to register at bet365

Bet365 is the world's leading gaming company. Registering an account with this company is relatively easy, but even the simplest things can cause problems. This may be because you didn't notice the registration button, or your browser doesn't support a given html, Java code or any other content that smart IT experts place on these sites. That's why we provide you with a simple step-by-step registration guide that includes some easy-to-read steps supported by screenshots to make it easier.

Why are you registering at bet365?

Before you sign up, it's worth considering why you use bet365. It's not that we don't agree with your choice. If you are interested in sports betting and want to bet online, you will need to double check. If so, bet365 is definitely a good choice. It is the world's largest gaming company and now offers a very good welcome bonus, so why look for other places.

How to register at bet365 choice. 

How to register at bet365Step 1 - Visit the website: First, you need to visit the bet365 website. So, click here and a new window with the bet365 home page will open on your computer (you can also decide to read our comments on the bookmaker - in this case, use the link in the table above). Once you are there, don't look too much on the site because the registration link is in the upper right corner of the login box:

Step 2 - Open the registration form: After clicking the "Join Now" button, a registration form will appear as shown below:


Step 3 - Fill in the registration details: The form is very simple. When you start filling out, make sure you have the right "country of residence". It should automatically fill in the country you are visiting, but it's worth a try because you may not hear any crazy reasons. If you choose a country other than the UK and Ireland, it may affect the welcome bonus you are entitled to.


Once complete, you will need to fill in your regular personal and address data. If you are from the UK, you can use the auto-fill form based on the postal code.

Then you need to create a username, password and personal code. Usernames can be tricky because there are already millions of registered customers, some simple name-based usernames, favorite teams, etc. may have been adopted.

Step 4 - Promotional Code: The last point in the list is the promotional code. If you are from the UK, you don't actually need to put it in, because you have the right to get the bet365 bonus we write here, so you can leave it blank.

Step 5 - Finish: Then you just need to click the "Join Now" button. If you have filled in all required fields (marked with *), your account will be created and you will be taken to the confirmation page. The next step will be to deposit and start betting, but we will discuss it in the next article.