How To Improve Your Casino Luck


1. I believe that you are very lucky.

This sounds weird, I believe that you are lucky enough to make it easier for you to accept the opportunities around you. I believe that you are fortunate to change your mind. If you are really lucky, please pause and admit, try to pay attention. Soon, you will find that you are more fortunate than you think.

2. Determine your goals and make a sound

Why should we clearly define the goals? Because it gives you a better understanding of the opportunities around these goals. If you express your goals to the people around you, they are more likely to bring you opportunities related to you and your goals. Put your goals on your notebook first, or store them in a tool like the weekly plan and check them regularly.

3. Happy to accept opportunities

Sometimes the chance hits your door, but you are too afraid to open the door. Sometimes you need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and bring luck to your life.

4. Surrounded by the right people. 

Lucky people have the right people in their personal networks.

Actively connect with people who can help you succeed:

Looking for a mentor or coach

 - Join or organize a planning team

 - Join the party

Your circle of friends defines who you are. If you are surrounded by fearless people, you may accept even greater challenges.

5. Improve your karma rating

Karma is deeply rooted in Hinduism and Buddhism and points out that good intentions and good deeds contribute to good karma and future happiness (bad intentions and bad behavior can lead to bad business).

This is similar to the Golden Rule or the Reciprocity Rule:

 - A person should treat others (positive or indicative forms) as if they were others.

 - You should not treat others (negative or prohibited forms) in a way that is unwilling to receive treatment.

- You want someone else, you want yourself (sympathy or reaction form).

Consider volunteering, make meaningful gifts, and be a good friend.

6. Practice Thanksgiving 

Gratefulness is the muscle you can train. With more gratitude, you will be more inclined to express it. By expressing more, others are more likely to want to do things for you because they know it will really be appreciated. If you want to practice grateful muscles, try this: At the end of the day, just before you sleep on the bed, think about the five things you really appreciate today. This may be the job of paying bills, a loving home that brings you happiness, a friend who makes you laugh.

7. Relax

When we feel stressed and tired, our ambitions and optimism tend to shrink, and we begin to focus on our needs and ourselves. When we relax and be happy, we expand and make it easier to find opportunities. I highly recommend thinking about mindfulness meditation because it is very convenient and produces results with minimal time commitment.

8. Proactive

Responsible for your life. Stephen Covey suggested that we be proactive. Control your life, don't blame others for your poverty, misfortune and failure. By being proactive - not passive - you can stop accusing and regain the ability to change your life.

9. Appear

You need to always be lucky in the right place. If you go to the right party all the time, you will meet the right person. If you continue to appear and do business, you will make progress.

In conclusion

Although by definition, luck doesn't seem to be in your hands, you can actually have a major impact on how much "luck" you get in your life.